Like it or not, winter time is quickly approaching. After months of warmness, sunshine, and time at the beach, it is now time for the cooler weather, snow, and wind to start making its way to our world. Some folks are fans of the cooler weather, and others are not. However, there simply isn’t any way of getting around this fact. Now, let’s say that you’ve got a baby or are expecting sometime soon.

winter is coming baby - main

With winter quickly coming up, you’re going to have to figure out just what to do with your little when the snow and temperature both begin to fall. While we can be fine by just throwing on a simple coat, things aren’t quite as easy when dealing with babies and cold weather. Babies are much smaller and frailer than adults, and as a result of this, they lose heat much faster than a normal adult. This is perfectly normal, but it can create for a bit of a problem when the winter months come up.

With this being the case, just how can you properly prepare for these cold months if you’re the parent of a newborn baby? We’ve got a guide of different tactics and practices to put in place to ensure that your little bundle of joy stays as warm and healthy as they possibly can during the cold and harsh winter that lies ahead.


Cover up in layers

winter is coming baby - cover up in layers

The colder it gets, the more clothes you need to ensure that you don’t get cold throughout the day. Even as an adult, you might find yourself putting on multiple layers of clothes or jackets on a certain day if the temperatures get low enough. If you’ve got a baby and you find yourself layering up, you’ll want to make sure that they are under layers of clothes as well. However, with a baby, the general rule of thumb is to dress your baby is one more layer than what you have on. So, if you’re wearing two layers, your baby should have three on.

As for the types of clothes your baby should be wearing, we recommend using clothes that are made out of cotton and muslin. These fabrics are not only warm, but are also breathable. This is important because not only will your baby stay warm, but they also won’t get stuffed up or sweaty. 


Take off your baby’s coat when in your car

winter is coming baby - off coat when in car

If you’re doing a lot of traveling with your baby during the winter, it might seem like a hassle to have to take their winter clothes on and off when getting in and out of the car. While this might be a bit time consuming, it can actually be quite dangerous to leave your baby’s winter clothes on while in the car.

Doing this requires you to loosen the harness of the safety seat that they are in, and in the event of a crash, it won’t be able to provide them with the proper amount of protection that they need.


Flu Shots

winter is coming baby - shoes

If your baby is 6 months or older before they experience their first winter, you’ll absolutely want to consider giving them a flu shot before the cold months come. Winter is one of the most common seasons for flus and colds, and properly protecting your baby with a flu shot can help prevent more serious health issues from popping up if they happen to get under the weather.


Don’t just stop with the baby!

Speaking of flu shots, it’s actually a good idea to get your entire family vaccinated in preparation for your baby’s very first winter. This will help to ensure that everyone in your family is in the best health possible, and will help to keep the germs in your house down to a minimum. This can be especially important to do if your baby is too young to receive a shot or vaccine themselves. Even if they might not be able to get the shot directly, ensuring that the rest of the family is protected is a step in the right direction.

winter is coming baby - family

Getting ready for your baby’s first winter might seem like a huge roadblock to tackle, but if you follow these few tips, it actually can be quite simply and pain-free. There’s bound to be some instances of stress or headache, but that’s only natural. However, if you follow these tips, you can help to ensure that those headaches are much fewer and further between one another.