UPPA MESA Infant Car Seat
The UPPA MESA Infant Car Seat is one of the best options for infant car seats. The incredibly easy installation and innovative safety features make this car seat an excellent option for your infant. It is much lighter than other options, and it clicks seamlessly onto the UPPA Baby strollers for a superior ease of use.
Lighter than other options
Sits at visual height
Innovative installation
Not a lot of space
Gets very hot
Rough material

The G-luxe stroller comes with a lightweight aluminum frame that is   easy to fold and unfold. The fabric used is stain and water resistant hence low maintenance when it comes to cleaning. The seat comes with sufficient padding for the comfort of your baby with the seat pad being removable for washing. It comes with a unique extendable canopy that is SPF protected to prevent sunrays from penetrating the fabric. The safety measures installed are also on point as it manufactured with wheel locks to keep it stable and from rolling. A One-step brake is also conveniently placed that brings the seat to an immediate halt when needed. The four wheels have excellent suspensions for absorbing shock when on the road. It also comes with a large under-seat basket with a weight limit of 10 pounds, excellent for carrying your personal effects. This stroller is big on accessories as it comes with a removable cup holder for feeding time and a 5 point harness that keep the baby strapped to the seat. The handles are also made tall for an easy time strolling. This stroller is manufactured for children aged 3 months and up and can handle a maximum weight of 55 pounds making it ideal for many babies.


 Lightweight and foldable.  The G-LUXE stroller is lightweight allowing for easy lifting and storage. It also comes with the ability to fold easily and fast hence gives you an easy time packing and unpacking it.

 5.75 inch wheels with suspensions. This stroller comes with strong 5.75 wheels ideal for tackling tough terrains. It also comes with suspensions on the wheels to absorb shock that may rock or injure your baby.

 One step brakes and wheel locks. The brakes provided are easy to use and do a good job stropping the stroller as soon as you engage them. It also comes with wheel locks that give your stroller stability when stationary and prevent it from rolling down any steep terrains.

 Ergonomic handles. The G-luxe stroller comes with a long handle that give you an easy time pushing. This is due to the elimination of strain that comes with lowering yourself on a short handle.

 Padded seat that is machine washable. The seat comes well-padded and comfortable. It can be taken apart or washing the seat pads which are machine wash friendly. It also comes with a 5 point harness that keeps your baby on the seat no matter what.

 Canopy with SPF. The canopy of this stroller comes with SPF 50 that protects your child from harmful UV rays that you encounter on everyday outdoor life. It also delivers when it comes to shielding from other elements such as wind and rain.

 Large under-seat carrier basket. The under-seat basket is quite large and does a great job providing storage for you and your child. Although it is not zip able, it does a decent job protecting and storing your luggage.

 Convenient Carry strap. At the back of the stroller is a carry strap that is great for carrying the stroller when folded. This helps in lifting and transporting the stroller with ease.

 Cup holder. The stroller comes with your typical cup holder placed at side of seat for storing either your drinks or the baby’s. It however does not come with a feeding tray.


 Long when folded. This stroller is too long to have a single fold design. It may be problematic when it comes to fitting in your car or occupy too much storage space.

 Difficulty in folding. It is not very easy to fold this stroller.

 It lacks a feeding tray. A feeding tray is essential in containing your child’s food and it lacking may result in purchasing one which requires extra funds.

 Non-padded harness. The harness does not come with padding hence may be uncomfortable for your child.


 Comes with a carry strap. A carry strap makes it easy to carry the seat or even in lifting.

 Seat pads are removable for washing. Removable seat pads are very efficient as they add points to the ease in maintaining and cleaning the stroller.

 Stain and water resistant fabric.  Stain resistant fabrics are very convenient for a stroller as they are bound to get dirty during your endeavors. This ensures cleaning is easy. Water resistance is important when it comes to shielding from the rain.

 Large under-seat basket.  A huge basket provides ample space for storing and carrying your items on the road.

 SPF protection.  Many strollers do not have SPF protection which is crucial in protecting your child from harmful UV rays.

 Great shock absorption. This assists in providing a smooth ride for your child by preventing shock from reaching the seat.

 Tall padded handles. Tall handles are very efficient as they make work easier when it comes to pushing the stroller especially up a slope.

The Uppababy G-LITE stroller comes with many unique features that are quite rare in other strollers. We are very impressed with the SPF canopy that goes out of its way to provide shade for your baby and also offer protection from UV rays. The water proof body also does a great job shielding your child from rainy weather and providing an easy to clean and maintain body. It also comes with some very unique features such as a removable seat pad that is machine wash friendly and a cup holder conveniently placed at the side of the seat. The handle bars are made with the parent in mind hence they are long and well-padded to give you and easy time when pushing the stroller. This stroller is pretty unique with negligible issues that should not make you miss out on acquiring it.


Editor, Baby Product Expert