Traveling with your baby can be one of the most exciting and joyful things to do with your newborn. Showing your little one what the world has to offer can be an amazing experience, but when traveling with your baby, there are travel essentials that you absolutely need to keep in mind before hitting the road.


To ensure that your traveling experience with your baby is as smooth as it can possibly go, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 items to take when traveling with your baby.




This is one of the most common items, and it might seem like it should go without saying. However, we probably don’t have to tell you how frustrating it would be to travel all that way to then discover that you don’t have a stroller to push your little sunshine in. To save any major headaches from happening, make sure you pack this first.


Baby Carrier


When going to museums and other exhibits, many places won’t allow you to bring in your stroller. In order to be properly prepared, consider bringing along a baby carrier that you can strap to your chest.

This will allow you to keep your baby safe and out of harm’s way for those instances where a stroller isn’t accepted for whatever reason.


Portable High Chair


Most restaurants out there offer high chairs for your child to sit on while you’re eating out, but the ones that they provide are often bulky, cumbersome, and definitely not the most sanitary thing in the world by a long shot. Instead of using these when dining out, try opting for a portable high chair. These are able to attached securely to any table, and are extremely portable when you’re all finished with your meal.


Sanitizing Wipes


Let’s face it. No matter how sweet or cute your baby is, they’re going to make multiple messes during your trip with them. Whether they have an accident in their diaper or spill food in the car, sanitizing wipes are going to be your saving grace when traveling with your little ray of sunshine.


Snack Storage


Like most babies, your little loved one more than likely has a tendency to get hungry all the time. Packing snacks with you in the car is extremely important, but trying to find room to store all of them can be a real pain. Bringing along some sort of snack storage solution can help free up a lot of space in the car when bringing along lots of snacks.


Painter’s Tape


When staying at a hotel, using painter’s tape to cover up electrical outlets and other things your baby shouldn’t be getting into can be a great safety precaution that a lot of folks don’t think of before hitting the road. It’s incredibly affordable, and can go a long way in ensuring the overall health and safety of your little one.




No matter how long the car ride is that you’re embarking on, you’re absolutely going to want to bring some number of toys with you to keep your baby as entertained as possible. Car rides can get boring even for adults, and with the attention span that babies have, it doesn’t take long for them to start dreading the car ride ahead. Bringing toys that they love will help them stay entertained and keep their little mind off of the car ride for the time being.


Travel Crib


Most hotels you go to will provide cribs for you to use with your baby, but if they don’t, bringing along a travel crib is an absolute necessity. Since these have a tendency to take up a bit of room, call ahead first to see if this is something that your hotel will provide or not.


Ziploc Bags


For storing dirty diapers or clothes that your baby has soiled, Ziploc bags will be your best friend for just such situations. They are great tools for disposing of these items while also trapping in the odor at the same time. Both you and the people around you will greatly appreciate you bringing these along.


Extra Clothes


Speaking of soiled clothes, you’re going to need an extra outfit or two just in case this does happen. Accidents are bound to happen when traveling with your baby, so bring along a couple extra outfits can help create for nice peace of mind in case your little one ruins the cute outfit you picked out for them before you left.



Have a nice trip!