Harmony Urban Deluxe Convenience Stroller
The Harmony urban Deluxe is a one stroller that considers both your child’s comfort as well as yours. This is shown by the provision of a padded handle and a parent’s cup holder hence allowing parent’s fun while on the road too.
Comfortable reclining seat
Easy to fold
Large Canopy for shielding the baby
The seat is small for tall babies
It folds easily but does not stay folded
The storage basket does not zip up

If there is a stroller built for the comfort of you and your baby, it is the Harmony Urban Deluxe. For starters it comes in an easy to clean polyester body that only requires a wipe down with soap and water for cleaning hence low maintenance. The seat is well padded and can incline in three different positions thus providing your baby a comfortable ride even in tough terrains. Speaking of tough terrains, this stroller is well equipped to handle them efficiently thanks to the tough wheels provided inclusive of shock absorption. The front wheel swivels which gives it great maneuverability even in tight spaces.

When it comes to the security of your baby, the Harmony Urban Stroller takes it with utmost seriousness thanks to the well-padded, adjustable harness; provided to keep the baby strapped to the seat. It also comes with wheel locks provided on the back wheels as a safety measure to ensure the stroller stays put even on inclined terrains. This stroller does not fall short in providing essential accessories as it comes with a feeding tray equipped with a cup holder and a large under-seat storage basket. The large canopy provided also does a great job protecting your child from any harsh weather. With a padded handle for parents’ comfort, this stroller goes out to show that it’s all about both the child’s and parent’s comfort and security. It is rated as one of the strollers that meet the ASTM standards hence proving itself quite noteworthy.


 Lightweight and Foldable. It comes at an aggregate weight of 21 pounds which is pretty light and can support up to 50 pounds. It is also very easy to fold hence making it ideal for transportation and storage.

 Comfortable seat that reclines. The seat in this stroller is well padded to provide your baby a cozy place to rest and can recline into three positions hence further enhancing your baby’s comfort. It is accompanied by a padded harness that is adjustable which not only looks out for your child’s comfort, but also the security.

 Large canopy. The canopy provided may not be as large as the one on the BOB stroller but it does the job just right. We also love that it can adjust such that you can fold it depending on the weather.

 Feeding tray with cup holder. This is probably our favorite feature as the feeding tray provided is removable and come with both a parent’s and a child’s cup holder. This is very ideal for feeding time.

 6.5 inches front swivel wheel. It comes with a swiveling front wheel that has two 6.5 inch wheels attached together. This proves ideal for maneuvering small paths and hallways.

 7.5 inch back wheels. The back wheels are each 7.5 inches and are equipped with excellent suspensions that absorb shock directed at the stroller. They also come with a wheel lock and foot brake for added security.

 Under-seat storage basket. The under-seat storage basket is impressively large and can occupy a whole lot of varying items ranging from toys to your child’s travel bag. This is a huge plus especially for long distance strolling.


The seat is small for tall babies. Although comfortable, the seat tends to be too small for tall babies hence it may not be ideal for older children say, past one old.

It folds easily but does not stay folded. Due to the padding, it is hard to keep this stroller folded as it opens back up when folded. This may be frustrating when it comes to storage.

The storage basket does not zip up.  Most people prefer zippers on the under-seat basket for protection from dust and privacy.

The weight supported is a little low. It supports a maximum weight of 50 pounds which is a little low for a stroller of its kind.


Comfortable reclining seat. A reclining seat is a big pro as it allows for a comfortable nap even on the road.

Easy to fold. Although it does not stay folded in most case, this stroller is pretty easy to fold and can be done with only one hand.

Lightweight. The weight of this stroller is as light as 21 pounds allowing for easy lifting.

Large Canopy for shielding the baby. The canopy is considerably large and curves well when fully unfolded to provide your baby with full shielding from any harsh weather.

Availability of a feeding tray with a cup holder. Most stroller require a separate purchase of a feeding tray hence the fact that it comes with one is a bonus.

Low maintenance. The polyester material is pretty easy to clean and maintain.

Large under-seat storage basket. We love that the under-seat basket is large hence providing adequate storage space.

It is ASTM approved. This gives you added trust in the product’s ability to meet you and your baby’s needs.

The Harmony urban Deluxe is a one stroller that considers both your child’s comfort as well as yours. This is shown by the provision of a padded handle and a parent’s cup holder hence allowing parent’s fun while on the road too. The baby’s comfort is illustrated by the comfortable seat provided with the ability to recline hence ideal for naps on the go. The other important aspects of a great stroller which are security and storage are also covered. This is shown by the provision of a large storage basket, enough to carry both your belongings on the road. The seat is riddled with a lot of accessories that facilitate security such as a safety harness, wheel locks and a foot brake. The major qualm that we have with this stroller is that although it is made for newborns and up, your baby might grow out of it pretty fast. Other than that, this is an excellent stroller and the fact that it is ASTM approved goes out to show this.


Editor, Baby Product Expert