Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller
The Graco Ready2grow stroller is meant to take your baby’s comfort to a whole other level. It comes with many exciting features and gives you a boatload of options. For one, the multiple riding positions for your child makes this stroller very versatile and unique.
Multiple seating positions
Large storage basket
Two front swivel wheels
Can be used with the Graco car seat
Small Canopies

In case you have two young ones that require a stroller, the Graco Ready2grow has got you covered. This stroller is amazing enough that it comes with a stunning 12 different positions for carrying your babies. It is also very roomy that your children are less likely to grow out of it. It comes with the ability to fold easily despite its size and can be stored in an upright position to save on space. It comes with a front seat, back seat and a standing platform that can stand a weight limit of 50 pounds each. The rear seat allows you quality face time with your baby as you stroll. This rear seat can be removed to give access to the standing platform and the front seat. You and our baby are guaranteed a smooth journey as it is well equipped with a padded handle for your hands and comfortable seats for the babies. The front swivel wheels come with the ability to lock giving you security and maneuverability at the same time. The seat easily connects to the Graco SnugRide Car Seats hence giving you an easy time transitioning from stroller to car. A deeper review of the Graco stroller will help you understand why this is the best for you and your babies.


 Easy to fold. Despite its large size and bulky appearance, the Graco Readt2grow stroller can easily folding just one step. While folded, it can stand by itself making you able to save space by setting it on a corner. It also comes with auto-locks to keep it from unfolding once folded.

 Multiple riding positions. It comes with the ability to switch up the riding positions of your children 12 times. This interesting feature gives it diversity and allows you to keep watch of your babies when you want. A face time position can be achieved by putting your child in the front stroller allowing for play as you stroll.

 Two removable canopies. It comes with canopies for each seat that are removable for cleaning or while not in use. This is excellent as it provides both children shade effectively. The canopies are double padded to enhance their functionality.

 Removable tray with cup holder. This stroller comes with a removable child’s tray with a cup holder that is very ideal for feeding time. It also comes with a parent’s tray that has storage and a cup holder to enhance your comfort too.

 Large storage basket. Despite all the available riding positions, the stroller still manages to avail itself with a very large storage basket. The storage basket does a great job containing your personal things as you stroll hence enhancing convenience. The toddler bench seat also lifts easily for quick access to the storage basket.

 4 wheels with front swivel wheels. The wheels that come with the Graco stroller are pretty strong hence can survive tough terrains. They also come with swiveling front wheels to enhance its ability to maneuver tight spaces.

 Suspensions and wheel lock. It comes with excellent suspensions installed in the front wheels that are great at absorbing shock directed at the stroller. This gives you and your baby a smooth ride although. It also comes with locks also installed in the front wheels to give the stroller stability and prevent them from rolling down any inclined areas,

 Excellent brakes. It comes with easy to engage, one step brakes that bring the stroller to an immediate halt when needed.

 Removable seat pads. The seat comes with comfortable padding that can easily be removed for cleaning. This makes it easy to maintain hence very ideal for toddlers.

 Weight of 33 pounds. It comes with a weight of 33 pounds and can handle a maximum weight of 50 ponds on each seat and the standing platform. The body is made up of cotton and polyester making it easy to clean.


 The canopies are small. Compared to other strollers of its kind, the canopies that come with the Graco Stroller seem relatively smaller hence less shade and protection for your child.

 Very bulky and heavy. The stroller is not only heavy but also too bulky making it hard to lift and store.


 Multiple riding positions. The availability of multiple riding positions is a refreshing change that not only sets it apart from other strollers but also gives you a lot of options.

 Removable seat pads and canopy. This is very convenient when it comes to cleaning the stroller.

 Large storage basket. The storage basket of the Graco is impressively big allowing you a lot of space for carrying you and your baby’s belongings.

 Can be used on a car seat. This is very efficient as it saves you the hassle of a baby carrier.

 Swivel wheels on front wheels. Swivel wheels are excellent for enhancing maneuverability.

 Removable feeding tray.  A feeding tray is convenient for meals even when you are also saves you the cost of buying an extra accessory.

 Long, well-padded handle. The handle for this stroller is long giving you comfort as you push it.

The Graco Ready2grow stroller is meant to take your baby’s comfort to a whole other level. It comes with many exciting features and gives you a boatload of options. For one, the multiple riding positions for your child makes this stroller very versatile and unique. The fact that you have a choice between making it a single stroller or a double one is something that makes us fall in love with it more. This can be achieved by removing the extra canopy, tray and seat. You can also attach it directly to a car seat making transitioning from stroller to vehicle pretty easy. The safety measures as well as your storage needs are well met by this stroller. Although you may find it a bit heavier than most strollers, this ought not to be a discounting factor to acquiring it.


Editor, Baby Product Expert