Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller
Before going deeper into the verdict, I would like to commend the Graco Breaze stroller on its ultra-light design. This is basically its best feature and so far, our lightest stroller with an aggregate weight of 17 pounds.
Extremely lightweight and compact
Fast folding and unfolding action
Availability of SPF protection
Can fit into a car seat
No feeding tray available

Graco has yet again produced an excellent stroller for you and your baby. This time, this stroller comes with an incredibly light weight of a mere 17 pounds total weight, making it very easy to lift and carry. So easy that in fact, you can do it with one hand while the other carries your child. It folds very easily and it is quite compact making it ideal for storage and transportation. Folding and unfolding action is so simple it requires one hand. It is compatible with car seats saving you time when it comes to switching from the stroller to a car. It also comes with the advantage of longevity in use while not limiting the infants that can use it by allowing use from as early as newborn babies up to50 pounds. This makes it hard to outgrow. The canopy is large enough to provide adequate shade and it is also easily foldable with SPF 50 for protection against UV rays from the sun. It features a front swivel wheel that does a good job maneuvering the stroller even in tight spots; which is also equipped with excellent suspensions for shock absorption. You can lock the stroller once folded to prevent unfolding and use the carry strap provided to easily carry it if need be. This stroller is not short on accessories as it is equipped with a removable parent cup holder and a large under-seat basket for storage purposes. If we have pricked your interest, find out more about this remarkable stroller.


 Compact, lightweight and portable. This stroller comes at a stunningly low weight of 17 pounds which allows it to be very easily portable even with one hand. It is also very compact facilitating the same function of easy lifting and storage. Despite its light weight, it can stand a maximum weight of up to 50 lb.

 Brake and suspensions. It comes with easy to use brakes that respond immediately keeping the stroller steady. The front wheel comes with excellent shock absorbing suspensions and wheel locks hence enhancing your child’s safety further.

 Canopy with peek-a-boo window. The canopy provided is just the right size and comes with a peel off to reveal the peek-a-boo window strategically placed at the top for viewing your baby. This is ideal for looking at your child without necessarily going around the chair. The canopy also has SPF 50 capabilities to shield your child from harmful sun rays.

 Easy one-handed folding. Folding for this stroller comes easy as it only requires one hand. It is also a one-step folding stroller hence giving you an easy time when packing it away for storage.

 Secure car seat connection. The Graco breaze stroller comes with the ability to be fixed onto a car seat easily using simple clicking action.

 Comfortable seat with 5 point harness. It comes with a well-padded seat which can recline in multiple positions giving your child comfort especially when sleeping. It also carries a 5 point harness for strapping your child safely on the seat hence providing the much needed security.

 Large storage basket. A large storage basket is placed under the seat of the stroller to provide storage options for your baggage if any and your child’s too.


 NO feeding tray. The lack of a feeding tray is inconveniencing when it comes to feeding time as well as denies your child a place to put the toys. It will also cost you extra to purchase one.

 Does not have other storage compartments. Other than the storage basket, this stroller seems low on other storage spaces.


 Extremely lightweight. This stroller comes at a very light weight of seventeen pounds making it very easy to lift and store.

 SPF capabilities. The canopy provides SPF protection which is very crucial in protecting your child from harmful sun rays.

 Compact and easy to fold. It is very compact and folds fat using one and hence easily manageable.

Carry on strap available. A carry on strap gives you an easy time lifting and carrying the stroller.

 Can fit into a car seat. This adds to the convenience of the seat.

 Large storage basket. The under seat storage basket is large and easily accessible giving you an easy time in storage and transportation of your items.

 Removable parent cup holder. A parent cup holder is convenient for holding beverages.

 Easy to use and maneuver. This stroller is very easy to maneuver thanks to the swiveling wheels and its light weight.

Before going deeper into the verdict, I would like to commend the Graco Breaze stroller on its ultra-light design. This is basically its best feature and so far, our lightest stroller with an aggregate weight of 17 pounds. This feature paired with the front swivel wheels makes it easy to maneuver. It is clearly made to lessen your work when using it as in comes with a compact design and easy folding and unfolding action. This will allow you to easily whip it out of storage and set it up in a matter of seconds as well as fold it up equally fast and store it away. As usual, finding an SPF protection stroller is always a big deal especially since this stroller comes at a very affordable price. The hype about the SPF protection is due to the fact that canopies without SPF allow for harmful sun rays to penetrate in most cases. SPF protection gives you certainty that your child is well covered from any harm that comes with the weather changes. This stroller would have been perfect had it not lacked a feeding tray. That however, ssis not a very big issue as you can easily replace it with a bought one. In the end, the Graco Breaze is an excellent choice for a stroller that will meet you and your child’s needs.


Editor, Baby Product Expert