Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller
For a stroller that comes with such an affordable price, the Graco Aire3 sure knows how to keep you and your little one comfortable and it is well accessorized to ensure this.

This stroller, Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller is designed to give you and your child an easy time on the road. It comes in a three wheeled system with a swivel front wheel, paired with a very light weight of 21 ponds making it easy to maneuver. It also comes with an easy fold aluminum frame that is strong enough to support a maximum weight of 50 pounds. The Graco Aire3 has taken some great measures to ensure your child’s security is secured by providing an efficient wheel lock system that keeps the stroller stable and a harness that you to choose between the 3 point and 5 point option. It comes with a latch and the ability to self-stand hence saving on storage space be it in the car or at home. The seat is comfortable enough and can recline into multiple positions allowing your child some comfort. It is well accessorized as it comes with a large adjustable canopy for shade, a sizable under-seat storage basket that provides efficient storage and a child’s tray with a cup holder. The parent too is considered in the making of this stroller as the pushing handle comes well-padded and there is room for a parent’s cup holder with a zip able storage bag next to it. We absolutely love that it is compatible to a car seat hence all you have to do when switching to a car and attach it. Although a bit small, this stroller means business when it comes to addressing your child’s needs.


 Easy fold. It comes with an extremely easy to fold design such that you can fold it using just one hand. The storage latch provided ensures it stays folded hence saving you the agony of constantly re-folding. When folded, it can stand by itself optimizing on storage space. A handle at the back is also provided to ensure you easily carry it once folded. Unfolding is as simple as the folding action.

 Compatible with infant car seats.  This stroller can easily be attached to an infant car seat hence no need to transfer your child saving you on time and the hassle.

 3 wheels with locks. It comes with a three wheel design making it streamlined for small paths. The wheels come with a swivel front wheel with wheel lock enabling maneuverability and stability all at once.

 Seat with padded harness. The seat is sufficiently padded and can recline in multiple positions allowing your child unlimited comfort. It is also equipped with a well-padded harness to keep your child safely strapped on the seat and comes with an option of choosing between the 5 point and 3 point.

 Large adjustable canopy. The canopy is large enough to shield your little one from any weather but not too big to block the view. It comes with a peek-a-boo window for viewing your child as you stroll. The canopy is adjustable by use of a zipper.

 Good storage. Ample storage is also provided thanks to the multiple accessories that serve this purpose. For one, it comes with a child’s and a parent’s cup holders for beverage storage. It also comes with a small zipper bag for the parent to store small items such as keys, money or a cell phone. An under-seat storage basket is also provided to further enhance storage.


 The seat padding is not very impressive. The seat padding is not as puffy as desired especially the back support hence it reduces comfort.

 Stroller is small hence easy to grow out of. This stroller is tiny and can be easy to grow out of it or may limit tall children.

 The canopy is flimsy and has difficulty setting up. Although the canopy works well, it poses a challenge when it comes to setting up and adjusting. It is also not removable for washing hence a drawback.


 Two harness positions. The harness is excellent at keeping your child strapped to the seat and you have the option to choose between a 5 and 3 point harness.

 Parent’s cup holder with zipper poach. This enhances the parent’s comfort allowing you to enjoy strolling time too.

 Folds completely. This optimizes on storage and the availability of a latch to keep it folded makes your work even easier.

 Great suspensions paired with tough wheels. It comes with good suspensions that do a great job absorbing shock hence an easy time even on gravel.

 Very easy to maneuver. Steering this stroller is pretty easy thanks to its features such that it can be done only with one hand.

 Self-standing when folded. This saves you on space as it takes up so much space when stored laying down horizontally.

 Large canopy with peek-a-boo window.  The canopy for this stroller is just right to provide shade without blocking your child’s view, the peek-a-boo windows allows you to keep an eye on your baby while steering.

For a stroller that comes with such an affordable price, the Graco Aire3 sure knows how to keep you and your little one comfortable and it is well accessorized to ensure this. For starters, we love how there is a small parent’s zip bag and a cup holder. The well-padded handle is another score when it comes to the parent’s comfort. Its ability to fit to an infant car seat is something you would not expect from this stroller yet it delivers. Your child’s comfort, security and storage needs are all met by this stroller despite its small appearance. Speaking of small, this is where we have a problem with the stroller, its size makes it easy to grow out of hence a drawback. Other than this, the Graco Aire3 Click Connect Stroller is exactly what you are looking for if you want an affordable yet effective stroller for your child.


Editor, Baby Product Expert