Bob Revolution SE Single Stroller
This stroller is built for any parent who is into fitness activities such as jogging while keeping in mind the comfort of the baby. This is made certain by the provision of excellent suspensions that protect your child from shock that comes from tackling rough terrains.
Large canopy
Ideal for jogging
Easy folding and unfolding
Small storage basket
Lack of cup-holders

If you have a three months old baby and above, and are looking for the perfect stroller, the Bob Revolution stroller should be your first pick. This stroller will ensure you and your baby a smooth ride even on tough terrains. The tough 16 inch wheels with a swiveling front wheel make it easy to push along even during mommy’s jogging time. Your baby’s comfort is prioritized by ensuring that the BOB Stroller comes with a large canopy for shade and a cozy padded seat. If you are into pockets, then this stroller is just for you. It comes with a sizable carrier at the bottom of the seat and mesh pockets at the sided. This way, you and ‘baby ‘can travel prepared for anything. It also comes in a compact design that allows you to maneuver narrow paths such as supermarkets alleys such that mommy and baby’s endeavors are limitless. The 70 pounds weight limit allows for a wide scope of users factoring in any language you many need to accompany with you on the road. With a mere 25 pound weight and easy fold ability, you can easily pack this stroller in any vehicle for transportation. Oh but it does not end here, the BOB Revolution stroller offers a lot for you and your baby. To get an in-depth review of this stroller, read below.


 Three air filled tires. It comes with strong 16 inch air-filled tires that are tough enough to handle rough terrains during all your endeavors. The front wheel swivels enhancing the carrier’s maneuverability. This paired with the compact streamlined design allows for passing through tight spaces such as street alleys and in supermarkets.

 Easy fold. The BOB single stroller allows for easy two step folding which makes it ideal for transportation and storage. It also unfolds as easy as it folds such that you can do it single handedly.

 Excellent suspension system. The wheels on the BOB Single stroller are equipped with excellent suspensions that do a great job absorbing shock. This allows you to travel on tough and rocky terrains without upsetting your child’s rest. It also makes it ideal for jogging and running.

 Cozy seat with harness. The seat that comes with this stroller are well padded providing your child with a comfortable time throughout its use. It also comes with a safety harness that is easy to buckle and undo. The harness does a great job providing security for your baby by keeping him/ she fattened to the seat hence no chances of falling off.

 Padded handlebars. The handle bars are well padded giving you comfort as you push the stroller. This also reduces pressure on your hand due to tightly gripping the stroller while in use.

 Large canopy. This is probably the best feature about this stroller. It comes with a very large canopy that provides shade for your child protecting them from harmful UV rays as well as other elements such as rain and wind. The canopy also fold in 5 different positions hence you can easily adjust it to your child’s comfort.

 Weighs 25 pounds. This stroller comes at a weight of 25 pounds which is considerably light as it can be easily lifted with ease while storing or transporting. It can also support a maximum weight of 70 pounds which allows access by a large variety of users.


A bit bulky. Although this seat comes with a standard weight, it is a bit bulky hence may not stay folded.

No available cup holders. Unlike many strollers of its kind which come with at least one cup holder, the BOB does not come with cup holders either for the child or parent.

Small under-seat storage basket. The under-seat basket is relatively small compared to those provided in competitor’s strollers.


Comfortable padded seat. The seat in the BOB Single stroller is pretty comfortable as it is well padded and comes with a harness for safety purposes.

Great suspensions. The suspensions on the wheels are excellent at absorbing shock hence do not upset your child throughout your endeavors.

Large canopy. This canopy is extra-large hence providing extra shade for your child. The fact that it folds in five different positions is pretty impressive too.

Easy to use brake. It comes with an excellent rake system that is very efficient at bringing the stroller to a halt. The wheel lock too does a good job preventing the chair from rolling down any steep terrains.

Very fast folding and unfolding. Folding requires only two steps while unfolding can be done with one hand.

A lot of storage compartments. It comes with extra side pockets plus an under-seat pocket for storage of items as you leave the house.


This stroller is built for any parent who is into fitness activities such as jogging while keeping in mind the comfort of the baby. This is made certain by the provision of excellent suspensions that protect your child from shock that comes from tackling rough terrains. Although the under-seat storage bag is smaller than expected, we like the provision of optional pockets that the BOB stroller comes with which can be excellent for storing small items such as your phone and keys. The security in this stroller is also up to standards as is equipped with a harness ti keep the baby on the seat. The wheel lock and brake system are also part of the security on this stroller and are easy to use hence do a great job protecting your child while in the chair. We also love how the makers of the BOB Single Stroller equipped it with an extra-large canopy that provides shade for your child and can adjust into five different positions. All these features go to show that when it comes to you and your child’s comfort, the BOB Stroller means business.


Editor, Baby Product Expert