Babies are a special addition to all families, and finding the right equipment for your little one can make being a new parent much easier. Baby swings help to keep your baby safe and stimulated so that you can get on with all of the other important jobs of being a parent without having to worry about what your baby is doing. There are a number of different baby swings that offer numerous different features to choose from, so sometimes finding the right one for your baby can be a bit of a challenge. That is where we come in. we have developed another of our detailed buying guides to help you find the right baby swing for your infant to keep them safe and entertain them, giving you a little bit of extra freedom.

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We have carefully researched the best ways to find a baby swing that will suit the needs of you and your baby to help to guide you through the process of selecting the right baby swing that will suit your infant best. We have also found five of the best products across the board and given you a detailed breakdown of each baby swing. We are confident that this list has an option for every parent and every baby so that you can get a high quality product that will be best for your baby.

Take a read through our buying guide and peruse our products to find the right option for you, and good luck with your new baby and your new baby swing!




 Fully electronically controlled for hands free parental use.

Five unique motions similar to those parents use when comforting their child: car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock a bye and wave.

Bluetooth enabled for easy control over motion and sound.

Adjustable seat reclining angles.

Comfortable fabrics that are easy to remove and fully machine washable.

Built in sounds for infant comfort.

Built in MP3 plug in to entertain your child with their favourite music.

Max weight 25 pounds or the ability to sit up unassisted.

Five colours and designs to choose from.

Weight: 19 pounds.


 The 4Moms MamaRoo Baby Swing is very gentle in its movements, and this may not be enough to settle children who prefer a greater level of movement and more stimulation.

 The child is strapped in using only a lap belt and not a full chest harness, this is not safe as the child grows as they will begin to move around and could come free from the swing.

 The movements are all quite similar to each other, so they don’t necessarily match the movement that the parent makes when settling their infant.

 The sound runs very loud when using the chair, even when set to lower volumes.

 The padding is not as thick or cushioned as other swings, so it does not cradle new borns as well as it could, causing them to lie at uncomfortable angles.


 The fully automated design and Bluetooth connectivity means that the 4Moms MamaRoo Baby Swing is incredibly easy to use completely hands free so that you can get on with other tasks.

 Five unique motions mimic the same ones you use to soothe your child so that they easily drift off to sleep.

 Adjustability in the angles of the recline means that you can make the 4Moms MamaRoo Baby Swing as comfortable and supportive as possible for your little one.

 MP3 connectivity means that you can play you can play your own music through the swing, should your child be a fan of a particular song.

 There are five beautiful designs to choose from so that you can get one to fit with the style and design of your nursery.

The lightweight design is easy to move around the home so that you can comfort your child no matter where you are.

The 4Moms MamaRoo Baby Swing is one of the best and most high tech baby swings on the market, making it incredibly easy to take care of your infant whilst still being able to get on with other important tasks. The movements that mimic yours settle and soothe your baby with the addition of your own music to suit the tastes of your baby. With full Bluetooth connectivity, you can even control the 4Moms MamaRoo Baby Swing from your phone, giving you the freedom you need to be a parent as well as an adult. For those of you who are looking for a supreme bay swing to help take care of their little one, the 4Moms MamaRoo Baby Swing is the ideal option to keep your baby stimulated and soothed so that you can do what you need to do.





 Motorised swing to give you the freedom to do other tasks whilst the swing is in operation.

 Two swinging mode: side to side like a cradle or head to toe like a traditional baby swing.

 Six swing speeds to suit the preference of your infant and provide adequate


 16 songs built into the swing as well as nature sounds to soothe your baby.

 Two position recline to suit the needs of your baby.

 Three adjustable seating positions: right, left and centre.

 The seat cover is easy to remove and machine washable for easy cleaning.

 The insert is fully padded to provide adequate head and neck support.

 To turn the seat simply press a button to turn.

 Mirrored globe and soft birds for added stimulation.

 Maximum weight: 25 pounds or under 24 months.

 Batteries are fully rechargeable.

 Weight: 25 pounds.

 Four colours to choose from to suit your nursery.


 The higher speeds of the Fisher Price Snuggabunny Cradle ‘N Swing can cause a loud grinding noise which can disrupt the sleep of your baby and be quite irritating.

 The swing is quite large, so it is not as well suited to smaller homes or nurseries and can be difficult to move around.

 The swing turns off automatically after two hours and this can disrupt the sleep of the infant.

 The Fisher Price Snuggabunny Cradle ‘N Swing can be difficult to put together as the metal parts can sometimes warp or bend slightly in transit.

 Some of the buttons can stick, causing the speed to increase when you don’t want it to.

 The batteries can run out rather quickly and requires recharging, which can make it difficult to use all of the time.


 The motor controlled swing means that you can set up the Fisher Price Snuggabunny Cradle ‘N Swing to your baby’s preference and get on with other things, knowing that your baby is safe and stimulated.

 With two modes of swinging and six speeds, you can find the right speed and stimulation to help soothe your baby.

 There are 16 songs and a number of natural sounds to help soothe your baby to sleep.

 The fully padded insert can easily be removed in order to clean it, and makes sure that your baby is adequately supported at both the head and the neck.

 With a mirrored globe and soft birds hanging over head, your baby will have added stimulation for development and learning.

 With four colours to choose from, it’s easy to find an option that properly fits in with your nursery.

 The lightweight design means that you can pick up and carry the Fisher Price Snuggabunny Cradle ‘N Swing to use it in different areas of the house.

The Fisher Price Snuggabunny Cradle ‘N Swing is a brilliant baby swing for you and your infant. The automated motor makes it easy to set up the swing and get on with other tasks whilst your baby is soothed and settled, giving you a little bit more freedom. The full chest harness keeps your baby safe and secure throughout use, making sure that your baby has zero risk of fall or injury. With soft birds and a mirrored globe, the Fisher Price Snuggabunny Cradle ‘N Swing is even great for stimulating the growth, development and understanding of your infant. There are a number of different speeds and rocking styles so that you can calibrate the Fisher Price Snuggabunny Cradle ‘N Swing to the needs of your baby and allow them to sleep soundly in this lovely baby swing.





 The motions of the Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing mimic the natural cuddling actions of a parent.

 The frame has been carefully developed to use up 40% less space than standard baby swings, allowing it to fit easily into any room.

 The Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing can be powered by both a plug or batteries so that you can use it any time, anywhere.

 The vibration feature quickly settles your baby and keeps them asleep for longer.

 There are two speed settings so that you can choose the right level of stimulation for your infant.

 Three reclining positions allows you to assure your child’s comfort and angle for the best sleeping and sitting positions.

 The plush body support provides better comfort and support for your baby.

 Maximum weight: 30 pounds.

 Weight: 14 pounds.

 Four colours to choose from.


 There is no times shut off on the vibration feature and this can allow the batteries to run dead if it is not turned off manually.

 The battery compartment is small and makes it difficult to get batteries in and out of the swing in order to keep it powered.

 The bar holding the stuffed animals is very stiff and this makes it difficult to get the infant in and out of the chair when they want let out or if they have fallen asleep.

 The music is quite loud and harsh sounding, which can be unpleasant for some infants.

 The swing makes a clicking noise when it reaches either end of the swing, which can be irritating.

 The Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing is very difficult to put together as the instructions are unclear and the parts are not clearly labelled and indicated.


 With a frame that takes up 40% less space than other baby swings, the Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing fits easily into any space or room without taking up too much space.

 There are two speed settings to choose from so that you can use the right stimulation settings to suit the preferences of your child.

 With three reclining positions you can make sure that your child is safely positioned and fully supported in the plush lining, which is much better for the neck and head.

 The Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing has a higher maximum weight than other baby swings so that you can use it for longer and with larger children.

 This baby swing is much lighter than other baby swings, making it incredibly easy to move around the house for use anywhere.

 You can power the Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing with both batteries and electronic plugs, making it easy to use anywhere in the home.

The third baby swing on our list is the Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing. This swing is one of the safest swings on the market, whilst still being able to offer an impressive 40% smaller size than the average swing. With the ability to power the baby swing by both plugs and batteries, combined with the lightweight design, this baby swing is very easy to place and use anywhere. With a higher maximum weight than other baby swings, you can use this swing for a lot longer to help to soothe and occupy your child whilst you get on with other things. This makes the Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing perfect for the busy parent, or for those who want an easy and portable way to soothe their child to sleep, giving you a little bit more freedom.





 The seat of the Ingenuity Inlighten 2-in-1 can be easily converted into a rocker.

 The swing is suitable for new borns and the cradle is suitable for older children.

 The seat rotated 180 degrees for three swing directions to choose from.

 There are six speeds to choose from to give your child the right level of stimulation.

 The Ingenuity Inlighten 2-in-1 has 8 melodies and 3 nature sounds to help soothe your baby.

 There is full MP3 connectivity so that you can customise the music to help soothe your child.

 The seat is oversized to allow growth of the child and comes with removable padding to ensure that smaller children are supported.

 The Ingenuity Inlighten 2-in-1  has added lights, an electronic mobile and 3 plush toys to help entertain the baby.

 The recline has two positions to make the seat suitable for naps.

 Maximum weight: 30 pounds.

 Weight: 28 pounds.

 Powered by rechargeable batteries.


 The speakers are not very high quality and this can cause issues with the music being distorted when it comes out of them, which can disturb your baby.

 The best of the swing is very wide, making it difficult to fit into smaller spaces and rooms.

 The swing itself sits quite highly in the frame, and this can seem unsafe and give the swing less stability than if it were lower.

 Converting the swing can be complicated and cumbersome, as the instructions are not entirely clear.

 The automatic shut off function occurs much sooner than with other products, and this can make it difficult to have enough soothing stimulation for your child to fall asleep and stay asleep.

 The batteries do not last as long as standard batteries, so they need recharged quite often and this can be time consuming, leaving the swing out of use.


 With the conversion into a rocker, you can use the Ingenuity Inlighten 2-in-1  for much longer, as it adds stability to the base of the seat.

 There are six speeds and a huge range of songs and noises to choose from to help lull your baby into a sound sleep.

 There are six speeds and a huge range of songs and noises to choose from to help lull your baby into a sound sleep.

 With an oversized seat and multiple removable paddings, you can easily give your child the level of support and comfort that they need.

 The high weight limit means that you can use the Ingenuity Inlighten 2-in-1 for your child for a lot longer than other options

 The full, five-point harness provides full security for your little one throughout the use of the swing.

 The batteries are fully rechargeable, making this swing very portable without the expense of multiple battery replacements.

The fourth baby swing in our list of recommended products is the Ingenuity Inlighten 2-in-1. This clever baby swing can be changed into a baby rocker to help give your child two pieces of entertainment furniture for the same price, allowing you to get the most value for money and the most use out of the swing. The full harness keeps your baby safe and secure in both configurations and the removable padding supports your child properly and can be altered at any time. There is no need to be tied down by plugs and cables, as the batteries are fully rechargeable and there is no need for expensive replacements. Although one of the largest baby swings on this list, the Ingenuity Inlighten 2-in-1 is by far the most innovative.





 Has six speeds to suit different stages of your child’s growth and development.

 The Comfort and Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing comes with six melodies to help tooth your baby.

 The toy bar comes with two plush toys for stimulation within easy reach of your baby.

 The seat has a removable head support to give your baby more room as they grow.

 The seat and padding are all machine washable.

 There are two reclining positions to keep your baby relaxed and supported.

 WhisperQuiet technology keeps the motors of the baby swing as quiet as possible during use.

 Folds easily to move around the house to be used whenever and wherever it is needed.

 Maximum weight: 19 pounds.

 Weight: 7 pounds.

 Power source: Batteries.

 Three colours to choose from to find a design to suit your taste and the style of your nursery.


 The battery powered motor can run the batteries flat rather easily and this can make it expensive to run the Comfort and Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing on a long term basis.

 The buttons can stick and leave the music running,  needing the batteries removed to solve the issue, which can also run the batteries flat.

 The music is very loud when playing and does not have the proper volume control to make it quieter.

 The animals face the outside of the swing rather than towards the infant, which means they are not actually looking at the animal.

 The weight limit of the Comfort and Harmony Cozy ingdom Portable Swing is much lower than many other options, reducing the amount of time you can actually use the swing with your child.

 The swing is very low to the ground and if your child s slightly too heavy it can brush the ground and jolt the swing.


 With six different speeds, you can suit the speed and stimulation level for your child’s stage of growth and development.

 The six pre-set melodies are specially created to help sooth your baby and lull them to sleep.

 The plush toys give your child mental stimulation to keep them occupied when they don’t want to nap.

 Comfort and Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing is made with specialist QuietWhisper technology to make it one of the quietest motor baby swings on the market.

 The incredibly lightweight design and easily folded frame makes this swing very simple to move around the house and use in any room you need it to.

 There are three colours to choose from so that you can find one to suit your nursery.

 The padding is removable and machine washable, an this makes it easy to clean up any spills or messes without an issue.

Last, but not least on our list is the Comfort and Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing. This swing is the most lightweight and portable options on our list, as it weight only seven pounds and can quickly and easily be folded up to be put away or moved around the house. WhisperQuiet technology means that the motor of the Comfort and Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing run much quieter than many other options, so won’t disturb your child as they sleep. This means that it can be used as you work and as your baby naps and neither of you will be disturbed by the whirring of the motor. Although the batteries can be expensive to continually replace, it means that you are not tied to electrical plugs, you can simply replace the batteries and carry on using the Comfort and Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing for your little one. All of this combined makes this swing one of the best options for smaller nurseries and homes, and for those who need to use the swing in several rooms around the house.




When it comes to your baby, you want to make sure that you are doing all that you can to keep them safe and secure, and a part of that is making sure that any equipment that you buy is of the highest quality. This section gives you some advice on what you should look out for to make sure that you get a high quality baby swing to have peace of mind that your baby is safe and you carry on with other tasks whilst they are occupied.


The harness is what will keep your baby secured to the swing whilst it is in motion. The best quality harness for safety is a full chest harness, as this will stop the infant from being able to wriggle out of the swing or potentially fall and injure themselves. There are options with a lap belt across the legs or waist rather than a chest harness, and although this is adequate if you are able to keep a close eye on the infant, it does not offer the same amount of safety and support as a full chest harness would provide.

 Padding and Support

The internal padding of the swing is what keeps your baby stable and supported whilst in the swing. The more padding is generally the better, as it gives young infants more to lean on and better support around their head and neck. However, too much padding can make it uncomfortable for your baby and they can overheat. This is something that you should monitor when using the baby swing. The highest quality baby swings will have removable padding that you can choose to remove if you feel that your baby does not need it, if they are overheating, or as they grow.

 Size and Weight

Most baby swings weigh an average of about 25 pounds but the sizes can differ greatly. Higher quality options are smaller than others but still giving you the strength that you need to support your infant properly. This can make it much easier to fit the baby swing into smaller rooms and move it around the house so that you can use it as you may need to, keeping your infant safe and occupied. Make sure to check the measurements of your nursery and the baby swing to make sure it’s a good match.

 Easy washing

It’s just a fact that babies make a lot of mess, so the easier that your baby swing is to clean up, the better. Most baby swings will have padding that is removable to make it easier to clean, but the best options are ones that are machine washable, as this means you can simply throw it into the washing machine to get rid of any mess. This is a great help when trying to clean up the baby swing and keep it sanitary for your little one, making parenting a little bit easier.


Most baby swing frames are made from some kind of metal, but there are others that are made from plastic. Metal is always the best option to go for, as it is much sturdier, but make sure to check that there are no sharp edges and that the corners of the metal frame are covered with a protective plastic or rubber. The stronger the frame, the safer the frame and swing will be for your baby, as it will be much more stable.


To find the right baby swing, there are a huge number of factors to consider to make sure that you get the right baby swing for your needs, the needs of your baby, and one that will fit easily into your home and everyday lives. We have done the research so that you don’t have to, and this section of our guide gives you some for the most important factors that you need to consider so that you get a baby swing that will help to soothe and support your child throughout its use.

 Speed and Motion

Different babies will prefer different levels of stimulation to help them get to sleep. Some will need a lot more than others in order to drift over, and this is important to keep in mind when buying a baby swing. If your child is one that needs a lot of stimulation, rocking or movement in order to get to sleep, then you will need to make sure you have a baby swing that can accommodate those needs and give your infant what they need. There are a number of different movements and motions to choose from, so make sure to have a look at what’s on offer to suit your baby.


There will be times you want to put your child down for a nap but still want to be in the same room as them, and keeping the swing in their bedroom is not always ideal to allow you to do this. Portability is a major factor in allowing you to move around the house freely whilst your child is occupied safely. Lightweight designs and smaller frames make it much easier for you to move the swing around the home and give you the freedom to be in different areas of the house whilst still being with your child.

 Weight Limits

The weight limit of the baby swing is hugely important. The larger or heavier your baby is, the less effective the baby swing may be and you can run the risk of the swing breaking and your child becoming injured. The higher the weight limit on the baby swing, the longer you will be able to use it for until your child grows out of the swing, giving you a better use of the swing and better value for money in the long run. Most swings have a weight limit of 25 pounds, but some can go above this level.


The materials that go into the making of the baby swing can make a huge difference in the stability of the swing, as well as the comfort for your baby. Metal frames made out of strong but lightweight metals are best for parents who need to move the swing around the house for use in different rooms. Comforting materials are things like plush padding and cotton fabrics to make sure that your child is supported and that the fabric doesn’t irritate their sensitive skin. There are a number of materials used in crafting baby swings, so make sure to check before you buy.


Strength and stability are incredibly important factors to consider when buying a bay swing because babies are fragile. Making sure that your new baby swing is strong enough to hold your child and not greatly malfunction is the best way to ensure your baby’s safety. To do this, make sure that the baby swing has a strong frame and doesn’t move when the cradle swings, as this can be incredibly dangerous. The more stable your baby swing the better, and this generally comes with a good manufacturer and brand. Check out our best brands section to see which brand will offer you the best stability and manufacturing.

 Power Source

There are generally two ways of powering a baby swing, one being batteries and the other being a plug. A plug is a good option to save money in the long run, as you won’t need to keep replacing the batteries, but this ties you to a power source. Batteries are great for portability, as you don’t need a mains plug to achieve power, however they can get very expensive to replace. Rechargeable batteries are a best of both, as they allow you to get more use out of the battery and the chair, but the act of replacing the batteries themselves can be cumbersome and difficult.


If your baby is one that needs a lot of stimulation then this is an important factor to consider. Most baby swings have some kind of music or sounds built into the swing itself for audio stimulation, but others have features such as stuffed animals or a mobile. This is great to help children develop and grow an understanding of shapes and colour, especially if they don’t take naps in the baby swing. Take a look at our top recommended products to see what the best option for your baby may be.



Graco is one of the most famous baby brands and has been world renowned for their high quality, excellent features and huge range of baby products for both in and out of the home for decades. They offer warranties on all of their products to ensure that you get what you need and are fully protected should there be any issues encountered, so you are safe in the knowledge that your baby swing will be of excellent quality. We have Graco featured on our recommended products, so make sure to check out what we recommend as one of the best Graco baby swings above.

 Fisher Price

Another famous baby brand, Fisher Price has products ranging from baby and toddler care to growth and learning in the early stages of childhood. They are a global company and offer excellent warranties with their products to ensure that you are fully covered in the case of repair or replacement. Their manufacturing is top quality and they have a quality and safety assurance on each and every one of their products. Fisher Price offer a large number of baby swings and we have one featured in our recommended products section, so make sure to check it out and see if it is the one for you.

 Mama’s and Papa’s

Mama’s and Papa’s are a well established company in the baby and childcare sector, manufacturing products that range from birth to childhood to give parents peace of mind that their child is safe and secure. They produce and deliver their products on a global scale and ensure safety assurances with each product. Mama’s and Papa’s issue warranties with each product but offer extended warranties for extra coverage, which may be well worth considering. Although they are not featured in our product reviews, Mama’s and Papa’s are still top of the range when it comes to infant care and furniture.



4Moms is not as well known a company as some others on this list, but their incredible reputation for quality and customer service has given them a featured spot on our product guide. 4Moms is not as well known as other major players, but still offers the same great quality in manufacturing and adequate warranties to cover you in the case of any issues. Check out the detailed review for the 4Moms MamaRoo Baby Swing, which actually won first place in our list of recommended products in the section above.

 Endless Summer by Blue Rhino Patio Heaters

These heaters come in the shape of table lamps. Their appealing design is an addition to their usefulness, which is to improve the décor of your patio. Electricity mostly powers them. They emit heat of at least 4000BTUs.

 Baby Bjorn

Baby Bjorn is another major player in the baby and infant sector, and is most famous for their unique baby carriers to help parents keep their hands free whilst still carrying baby. Not only do they offer innovative solutions for parents, they also offer high quality furniture and baby swings for you to use in your home to keep your infant occupied and happy. With full and partial warranties available, they assure that your baby swing will last and that your baby will be safe and happy using their products. Baby Bjorn is not featured in our recommended products list, but is still an excellent brand to put your trust in.


Filling the needs of you and your baby is top priority when it comes to new furniture and toys for your infant. There are a number of areas that you can tailor your buying to ensure that you get the right baby swing for the needs of you and your baby, and we have listed them below with a brief description on just how to find the right baby swing for your needs. We hope that this section helps you to define your needs and fill them properly so that you are fully satisfied with your purchase.

 Size of the Baby


  • Height


The height, or length, of your baby is important, as they may be under the weight limit yet be far too long to fit comfortably in the seat of the swing. The best way to check if your baby will fit into the swing is to check the weight limit across average heights and go for a swing that offers removable padding to make sure that you can tailor the cradle of the swing to fit your baby’s size and needs.


  • Weight


All baby swings have weight limits, the most typical being around 25 pounds. This is the average weight for a baby that can sit up unassisted and this is when they will stop being able to safely use the swing. If your baby is a particularly heavy baby then look into purchasing a baby swing with a higher weight limit so that they can use it for the same amount of time without it being too dangerous for your infant to be in the seat. Getting the right weight limit for the weight of your baby is the best way to ensure they are safe during use, you can get the most time out of the swing and you don’t need to worry.


Lots of parents use baby swings to help the baby soothe to sleep or as a place to nap whilst you have the freedom to do other things in the mean time. Although baby swings are a suitable place to sleep briefly, they are not recommended to use in replacement of a proper bed, so make sure that you remove the baby from the swing when they have drifted over. As a place to occupy and soothe your baby.


Some babies will need more stimulation than others, and some can only fall asleep when being rocked in their parents arms or in a swing. You know your baby better than anyone, so look at the stimulation levels that you will need for your child. Some baby swings will give you lots of levels of speed, vibration and other stimulating features, such as toys, for your child if that is what they need, but if it isn’t then you can stick to average levels of stimulation to help your little one fall asleep.

 Comfort and Padding

The comfort of your baby and the support they are given by the padding is a top priority. New borns are a lot more fragile and require a higher level of padding and support in order to keep their head and neck safe and secure. As your baby grows, you should be able to remove some padding to make the cradle of the swing much more comfortable and allow your baby to move around. There are a number of baby swing options that have removable padding to help you customise the cradle of the swing to suit your baby’s need.


Your infant’s safety is the most important factor when looking into any new furniture or play thing. Look for a harness that follows the lines of the chest and body to keep them properly secured whilst the swing is in motion and a frame that is strong enough to support them as they grow and move more. There should also be a bar across the swing to give them something to hold onto and to secure them further, past the harness. Lap belts are a suitable way of securing your child in the baby swing, but should be used with older infants, as they have more strength and balance.



We try to give you all of the information you need to help you through the buying process of a brand new purchase, and we always like to go a little bit further. Not only do we do all of the research for you, we also give you some handy tips and tricks that you can use to get the most out of your purchase and get the best value for money. This part of our buying guide gives you a few little tricks that you can use to really get the most out of your baby swing and keep your little one soothed and happy.

Get them used to it

Getting your baby used to the swing is the best way to help them enjoy the experience, as it is new to most babies and they may not enjoy it initially. Start them using it in a familiar place, such as the place they sleep the most, and stay close to them until they begin to calm down and get used to the swing. Repeat this for the first few times that you use the swing with your baby so that they know it is safe and it becomes familiar.

Create a Comfortable Spot

Creating a soothing and comfortable space for your baby to use the swing is the best way to get your baby to settle in the swing. The room should be dark but not completely, have a nightlight or calming lighting, there should be soothing noises, such as your baby’s favourite music or natural sounds, and keep sleeping supplies close by so you can grab them as you need them. Keeping soothing and familiar things around your baby can also help to calm and soothe them to sleep.

The Faster the Better…For New Borns

New born babies are used to the movement of the womb, being walked around and constantly moving. This level of stimulation can be replicated by the faster speeds of the baby swing and potentially a vibration feature. Keeping this stimulation level out of the womb can do more to soothe the baby than it can to wake them, helping you to get your new little baby to sleep as easily as possible. Older babies may not need this level of stimulation, as they become used to the calmer stimulation out of the womb.

A Swing is Not a Bed

Although it is alright to use the swing for naps and to lull the baby to sleep, for longer sleeps and trying to get a baby used to sleeping, you need to transfer them into a bed. This is primarily a safety issue rather than anything else, especially as the child grows older. Carefully lift them and try to mimic the movement of the swing with the baby in your arms and begin to slow down to a stop before you place them on a bed or in a crib so that they don’t get shocked by the sudden change of movement.

Check the Safety Regulations

There are a number of safety regulations in regards to baby swings and a few specific areas that you need to make sure you are familiar with to keep your baby safe and secure. The AAP state that, “Young infants under 4 months should always use the most reclined swing position, and if the seat adjusts to a 50-degree angle or more, use shoulder straps to keep your baby secure.” Keeping this in mind will help you to keep your baby in the right position for proper growth and development.

Limit Swing Time

Although swings are an excellent way to help stimulate and soothe your child, infants should not be placed in swings and seats for exceptionally long periods time. There are significant risks to the child’s growth and development that can be irreversible, so try to limit the amount of time that your child spends in the swing and make sure to do plenty of other activities to help growth and development in other ways. These can be activities such as tummy time, playing on play mats and making sure they experience lots of different things.

A new baby is an exciting time for all parents, and you want to provide all that you can for your little one. A baby swing is one of the best additions to a home or nursery in order to give your chid a space to be stimulated, soothed, and develop a sense of the world around them. We hope that this guide has helped you to find the ideal baby swing for your needs and the needs of your little one, without having to go through the laborious research of finding the right product. We aim to help you get the best product for the best price, and bring you all of the information that you need in order to get what you want. With so many products out there, we understand it can be difficult to know what you need, which is why we exist with the aim to help you by giving you the right information in an easy to read and understand buying guide.

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