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Author: Nicole

Thule Urban Glide Sport Stroller Review

Thule Urban Glide Sport StrollerOne thing that is very clear about this stroller is that it is excellent for jogging and other strolling sports. This is greatly enhanced by its streamlined body, swiveling front wheel and lightweight. The handle bar too plays a huge role at enhancing its sporty side as it is well shaped to ensure you maintain good posture while jogging.PROSGreat storage that is zip ableEasy use wheel locksEasy reclining in many positionCONSBoth hands are needed for handling the harness 9.3BUY ON AMAZON As the name suggests, this is truly a sports stroller equipped for parents who...

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Chicco Bravo LE Stroller Review

Chicco Bravo LE StrollerIf there is one thing we love about this stroller is that time was taken to accessories it down to the last detail. For instance, the availability of a removable tray for your baby and a peek-a-boo window. We are also very impressed by the unique design of placing a parent’s cup holder at the back of the seat which allows you to sip some coffee while strolling.PROSRemovable seatParent’s cup holderLarge storage spacePeek-a-boo window in the canopyCONSPoor maneuverability 9.4BUY ON AMAZON The Chicco Bravo comes in a four wheel design with suspensions on the wheels and...

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Harmony Urban Deluxe Convenience Stroller Review

Harmony Urban Deluxe Convenience StrollerBEST BUYThe Harmony urban Deluxe is a one stroller that considers both your child’s comfort as well as yours. This is shown by the provision of a padded handle and a parent’s cup holder hence allowing parent’s fun while on the road too.PROSComfortable reclining seatEasy to foldLarge Canopy for shielding the babyCONSThe seat is small for tall babiesIt folds easily but does not stay foldedThe storage basket does not zip up 9.5BUY ON AMAZON If there is a stroller built for the comfort of you and your baby, it is the Harmony Urban Deluxe. For...

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Bob Revolution SE Single Stroller Review

Bob Revolution SE Single StrollerTOPThis stroller is built for any parent who is into fitness activities such as jogging while keeping in mind the comfort of the baby. This is made certain by the provision of excellent suspensions that protect your child from shock that comes from tackling rough terrains.PROSLarge canopyIdeal for joggingEasy folding and unfoldingCONSSmall storage basketLack of cup-holders 9.8BUY ON AMAZON If you have a three months old baby and above, and are looking for the perfect stroller, the Bob Revolution stroller should be your first pick. This stroller will ensure you and your baby a smooth...

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Baby’s First Teeth – Proper Care

As a new parent, having your baby at home and taking care of them can be one of the most rewarding and heartfelt experiences in the world. You and your partner helped to create this little bundle of joy, and it’s now up to you two to ensure that your baby stays as healthy and happy as possible. Doing this requires a great deal of work on your part, and as tiresome and stressful as it can sometimes be, the end result is absolutely more than worth it every single time. Between changing stinky diapers, feeding your baby when its hungry, helping it burp,...

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