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Author: Nicole

Chicco Viaro Stroller

With an incredibly light weight of only 18 ponds and a tough swivel front wheel, this stroller is not only easy to transport and store but also very maneuverable. It is easy to fold only requiring one hand and unfolds equally fast. When it comes to the security of your baby, this stroller knows exactly what it’s doing. It comes with excellent suspensions and a wheel lock that maintains the stability of the stroller even on steep ground. A foot rake is conveniently placed at the back of the seat to stop the stroller especially during parking. It comes with three wheels making it streamlined enough to fit tight spots such as supermarket alleys. The fact that it can stand on its own makes it ideal for saving on storage space. We also love that this stroller comes with a large canopy that is adjustable providing shelter for your child when needed. The well-padded seat is very comfortable and can fold in multiple positions taking your child’s comfort to a whole other level.  When it comes to storage, this stroller goes out of its way to provide you with a large storage basket that is accessible from both the front and is designed to accommodate newborn babies and up and can manage a maximum weight limit of up to 30 pounds. If you are looking for a stroller...

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Best Baby Cribs Reviewed

One of the most exciting experiences is to bring a new baby into the world, but new babies need a lot of preparation in the months running up to their arrival. One of the most important things that you will need for your infant is a crib, and whether it is a crib for a new baby or a boisterous toddler, you want it to be as safe and as stable as possible for your little one. This guide is developed specifically with parents in mind, as we know that your child’s safety is a number one priority. Throughout...

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Best Baby Monitors Reviewed

Keeping your child safe is at the forefront of every parent’s mind, and every parent wants to do everything that they can to ensure their infant’s safety. That’s why baby monitors are so important, so that you can monitor your baby and keep them safe no matter where they are and even when you are not in the room. Finding the right baby monitor can be difficult, as every parent is different and finding the right fit is very important. That’s where we come in. We have developed one of our helpful guides solely with the goal of helping...

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Top 10 Baby Strollers in 2016 – Best Baby Stroller Reviews

It is no secret, children come with a lot of needs. A stroller is one of the vital things that you will need to buy for your little one. When it comes to picking a stroller for your child, you are faced with a lot of options starting from the model to choose. Then there is the issue of the type of stroller that will be good for you. Oh but that’s not all, you still have to scrutinize the brand and make sure their strollers are reputable. All this detective work is a must for any parent but...

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Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller Review

Graco Breaze Click Connect StrollerBefore going deeper into the verdict, I would like to commend the Graco Breaze stroller on its ultra-light design. This is basically its best feature and so far, our lightest stroller with an aggregate weight of 17 pounds.PROSExtremely lightweight and compactFast folding and unfolding actionAvailability of SPF protectionCan fit into a car seatCONSNo feeding tray available 8.2BUY ON AMAZON Graco has yet again produced an excellent stroller for you and your baby. This time, this stroller comes with an incredibly light weight of a mere 17 pounds total weight, making it very easy to lift...

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